In TUGA SOAP we want to present you a collection of personalized products, with an innovative and different concept, we want to surprise you.

The company entered the GIFT market in 2001, since then we have been developing a system with unique manufacturing techniques that allow us to produce soaps with your colors, names, preferred shapes and designs. The final product is complemented with your message and props that make it even more personal.


The concept

"We have seen lots of proposals, but they are always the same. We look for something special ... and don’t find it. "

In conversation with people who come to us, we realize immediately that it is essential to bet on the difference. Attractive products, with an affective side and with which people can identify themselves.

After all, here in TugaSoap, we believe that the Gift needs your personal touch. Only you know how to surprise your guests, and we are here to help you. For this we offer you an easy way to customize from our website, accessible to all people.


The magic

After your creation, is our turn to give a touch of magic and quality, on your Gift. From the selection of the best raw materials, the most aromatic and exotic, vibrant colors, we transform delicate materials and materialize your idea.


Start now. We offer you online tools for a personal customization. Together we will make your Gift.

Celebrates the magical moments of your life!


Today the artist is you ... "be different".