Cigar Soap (shape)

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  • Set of a soap and Decorative Strap.
  • A cigar shaped Glycerin soap, 23x136mm.
  • Prop - Large Decorative Strap, on cardboard, dim. 25x20mm, and message (to personalize).
  • On average we dispatch in 3 to 5 days.

  • When the amount is higher than 10 units Sabonarte does not charge you this mold (this mold has a cost to the customer when the amount is less than 10 units).
  • The soap comes in a resistant plastic box of translucent polypropylene, at the same time this box allows you to see the themes raised in the soap, and also gives proper protection and easy handling.
  • The plastic box packing the soap is already included in the price.
  • On the back of the box it takes a printed label containing a description of the ingredients in accordance with the cosmetics legislation.
  • Dimensions already packed, 25x140x18mm, weight approx. 51gr.
  • The soap is presented with an aroma specifically selected by Sabonarte, from the best worldwide fragrances market.

  • Decorative Large Strap, carried out on cardboard, for decoration on this soap box.
  • Your message (letters and/or drawings) will be applied with printing techniques in black, laser cut or both.
  • The Strap closes with a short "top" (at the side of this prop).
  • You can choose the color of the cardstock.
  • Size of the cardstock strap, dim. 25x20mm, weight approx. 220gr.

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