Small Heart Soap + sachet

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Nota: nos produtos que você personalizou com os seus critérios e depois de os “Adicionar ao carrinho”, se preferir, damos-lhe a opção de solicitar uma Maqueta com a simulação personalizada. Poderá realizar o pagamento quando a aprovar.

  • This proposal is a combination of a basic product with a prop.
  • Basic product - Personalized Small Heart shapped soap, dim. 35x45mm and 17mm thick. Approximate weight 20gr.
  • Prop - Sachet on cardboard, dim. 70x80mm, and message (make your customization).
  • On average we dispatch in 5 to 7 days.

  • We can put in relief: Letters, names, some drawings or logos, whatever you want.
  • The soap comes in a resistant plastic box of translucent polypropylene, at the same time this box allows you to see the themes raised in the soap, and also gives proper protection and easy handling.
  • The plastic box packing the soap is already included in the price.
  • On the back of the box it takes a printed label containing a description of the ingredients in accordance with the cosmetics legislation.
  • Dimensions already packed, 65x60x18mm, weight approx. 23gr.
  • The soap is presented with an aroma specifically selected by Sabonarte, from the best worldwide fragrances market.
  • WARNING: both the drawings and, in particular, the letters that are in high relief in soaps, must have a minimum size so that they have acceptable stability and are not crushed. If you want to place many letters, look for models of bigger soaps. See examples of previous work, here in this sheet or in the photo gallery.

  • Sachet carried out on cardboard, for decoration on this soap box.
  • Your message (letters and/or drawings) will be applied with printing techniques in black, laser cut or both.
  • The Sachet closes at the back of this prop.
  • You can choose the color of the cardstock.
  • Size of theSachet, dim. 70x80mm, weight approx. 220gr.

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